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Janet Hill, BSR, MA, RCC - Registered Clinical Counsellor
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About Janet Hill - Professional Profile

I will teach you a liberating way to understand and heal trauma and mental illness.

The hurts of life tear holes in everyone. Drawn into these wounded places, any one of us may become lost in distorted reality, strange lands. We may be lost for minutes, days or years.

You will discover and recognize your own wounded places and learn/practice skills to avoid falling into them. You will construct safety nets and find your own concrete map to guide you back to health and safety.

Janet Hill - BSR, MA
BSR — Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine (UBC)
MA — Counselling Psychology (Antioch University Seattle)
I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#1945).

I bring to my practice 40 years of experience assisting people to heal emotional and physical hurts and wounds and to live more satisfying lives.

My therapy approach combines my practical problem solving skills with finding where your healthy emotional skill development has been stalled or stopped. I support you to relearn those skills by training both your body and your mind. Result – lasting change!

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