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Janet Hill, BSR, MA, RCC - Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Are you ready to make a change in your life? I can help you!
Therapy is like continuing education for living or “training on the job” of life.

I will work with you using a combination of
 traditional psychotherapy approaches
 teachings of Danish psychotherapy system of body-mind learning

Many of us have not been taught the skills that we need to live fulfilling and satisfying lives in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Perhaps our parents, caregivers or teachers did not know the skills themselves. Like “on the job training”, we learn the methods of the person who is training us. Where the trainer is unskilled, we learn incorrect, inefficient or harmful habits.

Perhaps illness, trauma, abuse or other difficult events stopped our learning. We may have tried to learn by ourselves without the help that we needed. We may have found creative ways to cope at the time but now these ways are not working for us. We lose our balance.

Therapy finds your robust skill areas and uses these strengths to help you learn better ways to live in balance.

Let me teach you skills that will last your lifetime.


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